Monday, December 16, 2013

Brazilian Artist Felipe Salsano's Oils featured in February 2014

Friday February 8, 2014- February 26, 2014
Brazilian artist Felipe Salsano, an artist who sees people rather than borders, faces rather than nationalities. Born in Brasilia, Felipe later traveled to Italy as a teen and became committed to becoming an artist.

His striking ability to capture details in his paintings, reminiscent of the Italian masters, is perhaps due to serving as the eyes of his mother, blind since before Felipe was born. It was Felipe's mother who encouraged him to seek out new experiences, an to not fe...el limits.

In 2006 Felipe traveled to Florence and attended the Fine Arts Academy, where he graduated with honors in 2010. He was able to see first hand Italian masters, who contiinue to inspired him. He then studied with Florentine master Andrea Ortuno, who taught him several painting techniques.

Felipe is also known for the beautiful faces that are frequent subjects. He loves the variety of expressions and cultural backgrounds, as well as the beauty in every faces. It is also very important to Felipe that his paintings also reflect the dignity inherent in each person, and he chooses a variety of faces with different anatomic characteristics.  Felipe avoids being described as an artist with a particular style as his work continues to evolve.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

From San Blas to St Petersburg, Oswaldo DeLeon Kantule

My Home Lies between Childhood and Dreams.   
       Oswaldo DeLeón Kantule ("Achu")
Ongoing Exhibition
November 9, 2013- December 7, 2013


Oswaldo DeLeón Kantule ("Achu") was born in Ustupu, Kuna Yala, Panama, in 1964. He began painting (self-taught) in the 1980's and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Panama. He has exhibited his work in several countries including Panama, Cuba, Canada, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and the USA. In 1996 Oswaldo won First Prize in the National INAC Painting Competition (Panamanian National Institute of Culture), and was invited to participate in the Sixth Biennial Art Competition of Panama in June, 2002. His paintings are in private collections in Panama, Cuba, Spain, France, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, and other countries. He currently resides in London, Ontario. (More about Achu, see below)

Spanish:  Oswaldo De León Kantule (conocido también como "Achu") nació en Ustupu, Guna Yala, Panamá, en 1964. Ha tenido más de 18 exposiciones individuales y ha participado en varias exposiciones colectivas en Cuba, Canadá, Portugal, Italia, México, Francia, Estados Unidos y otros. En 1996 Oswaldo obtuvo el Primer Premio del Concurso Nacional de Pintura del Instituto Nacional de Cultura de Panamá y fue seleccionado para participar en la Sexta Bienal de Panamá en junio de 2002. En 2004 recibió una beca de investigación para artistas visitantes del Instituto Smithsonian, en Washington D.C. y en 2010 fue merecedor del premio único de la II Bienal de Artes Indígenas y Milenarias de Quito, Ecuador. También fue finalista en la primera Bienal de Artes Indígenas Contemporٞáneos de México en 2012.

                                                           PRIZES AND AWARDS


Finalist, I Biennale of contemporary Art.  Museo de artes populares, Mexico D.F.
Latino Leadership Award:  Career in the Arts, London, Ontario, Canada
Prize for Visual Arts at the 2nd Biennial of Indigenous Art in Quito, Ecuador
Honorable Mention, Latinoamérica 2007. Fundarte Latinoamérica, Toronto
Finalist, VI Biennial of Panama   Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama
First Prize, University of Panama Ecological Photography Competition
Winner, Panama’s National Institute of Culture 14th National Painting Competition
IV Honorable Mention, National Ecological Painting Competition Bacardi Rum and the Panamanian Association of Visual Artists, Panama


Thursday, October 31, 2013

W. Eugene Smith Photograph for Sale

Black and white gelatin silver print (photograph) on paper; sight 11"x13 7/8"; unsigned; stamped on the back is "This authentic photograph by W. Eugene Smith was in his private collection at his death Oct. 15th, 1978. S.V.-4-10."
                                         "Spanish "Wake" by W. Eugene Smith; 1951
                                                               $7,000 + Sales Tax

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2nd Annual Dia de la Raza Exhibition Thru November 3, 2013

Full program guide here
Wale' Keru, First Place by Patricia Gomez
De la Mujer de Vender Produce, Second Place by Evelyn Mendez P.

Miss Panama, Third Place by Luz Pennington

             Exhibition October 12, 2013-November 3, 2013
The Feathered Serpent Gallery’s  “2nd Annual Dia de la Raza”  collective exhibition celebrates the artistry and imagination of the North, Central and South American indigenous communities.  The  opened on October 12, 2013  and continues through November 3, 2013. Exhibiting artists include Connie Canney, Vannessa Circe, Dora Iregui,  Patricia Gomez, Alcira Levy, Evelyn Mendez P., Luz Pennington, Damaris Soto-Frassica, Stephanie Siefken, and Mauricio Vasquez.  Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Honorable Mention will be given during the reception. More informtion about our guests and artists here.

During its 2nd Annual Dia de la Raza event, the Gallery  featured guest speaker Jeannette Ocasio,  Social Justice and Outreach Programs of Unidos Now, who spoke about  how the delay in immigration reform has impacted vulnerable populations.  

Award-winning writer, author of My Father’s Blood, and proficient Dakota speaker, Amy Krout-Horn also spoke about the  the spiritual and physical connection that lives within Indigenous languages.



Friday, October 4, 2013

Jerry Uelsmann Photo "Floating Trees", 1969, for sale

* New Price $5,000 (good through November 22, 2013.)

The print comes with a personal handwritten note from Uelsmann. 

 "Untitled" 1969, $6,000

Friday, September 20, 2013

Robert Johnson's Wekso, Panama for Sale

                                                           Acrylic and Oil, 64 x 48

From Winter in the Tropics, Paintings from Panama.  Wekso is a rain forest o the Atlantic slope where the Naso Indians live. Inquire price from Feathered Serpent Gallery.  "I stayed in a native thatched junt for over two weeks, and I learned something about Naso culture.

I even got to meet the king who stopped by the center to borrow $10 because he was going downriver to Changuinola to a meeting with government officials......."